Yanto Irjanto

Therapeutic Body Treatment from a Berkeley California Graduate.



Integrated Therapeutic Body Treatment - a fusion of traditional eastern healing coupled with western techniques is a holistic healing method that mostly Kinesiology.


I practice a combination of therapeutic treatments with relaxing techniques. The result is relief from pain and discomfort. Your body will feel lighter, taller and more relaxed. After treatment, many people sleep deeper and longer, and wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


 When needed I will check your ankle joints, sitting bones, tail bone, pubic bone, leg length, hips and sacrum most of the time for body alignment as they are the body's foundation. Then correct them in a gently way if their out of alignment.



The treatment can heal:


- Stress and anxiety

- Backaches, slipped disc.

- Sciatica

- Shoulder tightness, frozen shoulder, round shoulders, sway back   

- Neck and shoulder tensions, dislocated shoulder, 

- Headaches and migraines

- Stomach and digestive problems such as Hiatal Hernia and Acid Reflux ( GERD )

- Insomnia

- Tennis and golfer elbows

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Knee, ankle and foot problems, plantar fasciitis, sprained ankle

- Lack of energy

- Hemorrhoids

- Menstruation pain (PMS)

- Temporo Mandibular Jaw (TMJ)

- Grinding teeth when sleeping

- Asthma


- Spine curvature and mild to medium scoliosis


-Thoracic outlet syndrome


- And more


Our health is composed of structural, chemical and mental factors  that should be balanced, forming an equilateral  triangle.

When a person experiences poor health, one of the three factors of the triad of health is always involved. With severe and chronic health problems, two or all three of the factors may be contributors.
My work employs muscle testing as a functional neurological  evaluation with other standard methods of diagnosis. Nutrition, manipulation, diet, acupressure, exercise and education are used  therapeutically to  help restore  balance and maintain  well being through life.

In my work, I orderly evaluate: 


- your nutritional factors,
- your head bones (frontal head bones, jaws, neurological teeth and sutures, etc)
-digestive  tract and food sensitivity / allergy

-hormonal system

-liver against cholesterol  

-pancreas against some food 
-emotional stress which can tense up our muscles that may  cause nerve pinched, digestive  system disorder and imbalance of hormonal system.
-hips and spine, such as back pain, knee pain, ankle subluxation,  etc.
-persistent chronic pain.

In my very beginning treatment is to eliminate your pain. If pain is less but still remains in some degree, the "hidden" factors are needed to be evaluated. 

Nutritional factors are vital for proper healing and have a direct impact on nerves, brain and immune function,  inflammation, energy production, tissue oxygen supply, cartilage and connective tissue repair.

Structural systemic factors is a very important work. It is a work where I evaluate your head, sutures, neurological teeth and jaws in order to align  your body structure. It is a must thing to do for people who have either had a recent or ancient head injury or bump and car accident or in some cases difficulty at birth. Treating these factors can take up to 60 min as it is a lot to do, but the result is overwhelming. There is a lot of chronic pains gone by working on this system because our " computer " is inside our head. People who come to see me, mostly have years of chronic pain and have spent lots of time, energy and expenses.This is my most powerful tool for their chronic pain. 

Since there is a lot of "hidden" unknown causes of our health issues, my muscle testing tool can reveal neurologically what they are.

Example of "hidden" unknown causes :

-*Lower  back pain, besides pelvic and spine alignments, is related to cranial bones, head sutures, nutrients, digestive system, stress, hormonal system, hiatal hernia, acid reflux, weak diaphragm muscles and subluxation of ankle bones. 

-*A sore foot may be caused by functional imbalance of adrenal gland, nutrients, hips are out of alignment,etc.

-* A stiff neck can be caused by stress, hips and pelvic misalignment. head sutures jammed and tight jaws.

-*A menstruation cramp, irregular period or other woman issues can also be caused  by adrenal gland dysfunction and or pituitary dysfunction. 

This style of treatment which I do, is based on more than 30 years clinical observation and thoughts. It is a physiological based, basic science driven, neurological hierarchy for the ordered application of procedures and techniques.

It more beneficial for you to take long ( 85 - 90 min ) session because it will give more time to treat the "hidden" causes of your issues which you do not realize as mentioned the above examples. It is also to save your many times travel to my place.

To evaluate the whole "head to toes" treatment ( nutrition, hormonal, digestive system etc ), will require more or less of 3 times of long sessions ( about 270 min ) depends on your conditions such as severity, length of time of issue, age, etc. It will, for sure, save a lot of your future time, energy and finance expense. We are a ONE WHOLE piece, each part of us related to each other.

If you have any sensitivity or allergy to food or other things please bring a small piece of them (as much as a table spoon only)  with you for testing and correction.

When coming for treatment  please have an open mind and be willing to participate because it may be different to what you expect. 

-Working hours

Monday to Saturday. Sundays off. 

Long session ( 90 min ) hours:08.30, 10.00, 12.00, 1.30 and 3.00

Please prepare the exact amount of the treatment fee at home so that we can save some time as my treatment is back to back.

-If you are sick and cannot come please let me know as soon as possible, or have friend to take over your appointment.
Not showing up without a prior 24 hour notice due to your mistaken or misunderstanding of the agreed appointment time will be charged 50% of the fee due to the lost of my time.
Cancellation MUST be made one day or 24 hours in advance.

- I run a very busy schedule. Please choose your time carefully and make sure the time chosen suits you.
Changing hour of  your appointment on that same day is not possible.

-Re-confirm your appointment time one or two days prior to your appointment time.

-Arrive in my studio 5 minutes earlier with freshly showered, not wearing any perfume, lotion and oil to get your maximum benefits of the treatment. Be 5 min earlier so that you can cool down for awhile.

-Provide your mobile number that will active in Bali, It will be used only by me, so that you can be notified quickly and directly just in case of something happens.

- It may take more sessions for people who are smokers, over weight, slumping posture. Especially for over weight people, it is very difficult for me to work on them as my body is small and will not strong enough to work on that heavy body.

-Better do not take any alcohol a day before and that whole day after my treatment to have an ultimate benefit from my treatments.

-Dress code for lady is light cotton of 2 separate clothes such as T shirt and short, I may need to put a  washable mark on your back   Do not wear jeans material as it is thick and heavy.

-Approximate traveling time by car to my place from :
Seminyak 15 to 20 min
Canggu and Berawa 30 min
Sanur and Jimbaran 45 min
Benoa and Nusa Dua 50 min
Ubud, Bukit, Uluwatu 60 min

In high season such as June, July, August, mid of Dec till early Jan, please add 30 min more to the above time due to traffic jam.
In Bali there are sometimes roads are blocked for ceremonies without given prior notice to public, especially in July and August, so make sure to come much earlier to Double Six area which is near my studio.

M:  +62 812 361 1979

E:   [email protected]

W: www.yantoirjanto.webs.com

Thank you.



Please note,due to my small Asian size body and I do not mean to discriminate but just to be honest, the treatment I provide uses many different techniques and is most effective for individuals who have a normal body weight and are non-smokers. 


If you are over-weight or smoke it is important to note that is will take several sessions to achieve results.


A nutrition program is available for slimming.















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